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Terms and Conditions of Accomodation

The person signing the following agreement and the guests occupying the apartment are responsible of fulfilling these conduct guidelines. In case of infringement of the following norms, SuperiorFlats will be able to dislodge the apartment without any kind of refund. Please, read carefully the next mandatory items:

In order to book an apartment you must send a Reservation Form, which you can find by pressing the button BOOK NOW!, that includes your arrival date, departure date, number of guests, type of apartment required (01, 02, 03 bedrooms), method of payment and other information requested. Taking into consideration this information we will send you a Quote that specifies the accommodation price and the sole US$25.00 payment for cleaning service. You will also find useful guidelines and extra information.

In order to CONFIRM the booking of the apartment, the reservation payment is required. This payment can be made through, Western Union or money transfer.  We will immediately reserve your desired apartment in our online Availability Calendar.

IMPORTANT: the minimum accommodation length is four (2) nights.

The reservation fee required  is **U$300.00 dollars or 30% of the total payment of stay; The payment of the reservation fee is the only way to book the apartment; without this payment, the apartment will still be available online for other guests.

The total payment should be deposit 2 weeks in advance before the stay, otherwise, if payment Is not receive then, the property is available for renting to other guests and the reservation payment is not return and taken as penalty. 

Once the booking process is done you are required to send via e-mail your travel itinerary (arrival and departure date and time), and an Identification Document for each and every guest, including children if applicable.

If you requested a parking space, it is imperative that you send us the characteristics of your vehicle (including plate number) in order to register it with the building’s concierge. Remember: the registered car is the only one permitted into the underground parking spaces.

Any change in your travel schedule must be reported at least 24 hours before the arrival date so that Superior Flats can arrange the changes.

Arrival Information, during check-in: (Check-in is at 03:00 pm.) Las Dalias

a. The total cost of your accommodation must be paid in cash. You will receive a contract, a copy of our Terms and Conditions, a furniture inventory and the keys to the apartment.

b. You will be able to check the apartment facilities and the good state of the furniture.

c. A rent guarantee is required. (The guarantee payment must be in cash at the check-in and will be returned in cash at the check-out).

d. The parking space number will be assigned, if applicable.

The additional charges for early check-in are: half price of a night when entering at 9:00am max and the price of an additional night when entering earlier than 9:00am. If you require early check-in you must notify us at the moment of your reservation. Early check-in is subject to availability.

During check-in, you will receive one set of keys. In case of damage or loss, you will be obliged to pay the cost for a replacement: US$25.00 for each set.

IMPORTANT: The total payment for accommodation, the guarantee payment and the Identification Documents are requirements for entering the apartment.

Departure Information, during check-out: (Check out is at 11.00 am.)

a. The guarantee deposit will be returned, previous verification of the good state of the apartment by our helpers (revision includes walls, windows, appliances, etc.). Please take into consideration this extra tme in you departure schedule.

b. You are allowed to stay at the apartment for a few more hours if your departure time is late in the afternoon; subject to availability.

The additional charges for late check-out are: half price of a night when leaving at 5:00pm max and the price of an additional night when leaving later than 5:00pm. If you require late check-out you must notify us at the moment of your reservation. Late check-out is subject to availability.

Guests are obliged to have a 1 hour time space before check out for SuperiorFlats personnel to revise the apartment and return, in case no damage is found, the guarantee deposit in cash. If the time is not provided and the revision cannot be done properly for reasons related to the guest, the guarantee deposit will be retained and previous revision will be deposited in the bank account that the guest specifies. Charges for commission from banks and any other entities are guest responsibilities.

In case you need to check-out out of office hours in a different date and/or time from your original schedule, please communicate 24 hours prior your departure date via e-mail to info@superiorflatsperu.com. If not done so, the refund of the guarantee payment will be delayed up to 72 hours. The refund will be made in cash or to a bank account.

Please remember that you are responsible for any charges for commission from banks and any other entities.

Prices are set in American Dollars US$. All the prices are based on the cost of furniture and are subject to change according to the season; unless the booking is confirmed beforehand. Prices include taxes and other applicable expenses (external commissions may apply if paying by bank transfers/wires).

The price per week is calculated in a 6-night basis and the price per month is calculated in a 30-night basis.

Normal capacity of apartments is calculated as follows: two people in main bedroom (Queen or Full), one person in 1st secondary bedroom (Twin bed) and one person in 2nd secondary bedroom (Twin bed). The number of secondary bedrooms depends on the type of apartment.

Maximum capacity is calculated with additional folding beds (Single).

In case you require other home appliances that are not included in the basic furnishing of the apartment, it will incur in additional fees and must be requested at the moment of your check-in. Subject to availability.

The home phone service included with the apartment is composed by a home phone number that receives unlimited calls and has a limited amount of minutes for local calls. Once these minutes are used, guests can continue to operate the phone by purchasing prepaid phone cards from supermarkets, gas stations, etc. SuperiorFlats is not responsible for providing unlimited minutes for calls. Prepaid cards also allow guests to make calls to mobile phones and international numbers.

Guarantee Deposit

The amount required as a guarantee deposit varies:

  1. The guarantee deposit  is U$250.00

Length of Accommodation

SuperiorFlats considers medium-length accommodations those longer than two (02) weeks and long-term accommodations those longer than two (02) months.

SuperiorFlats is not financially responsible if the guests cancel the accommodation before the stated check-out date specified in the lease contract, in any of the accommodations’ types.

In addition, the guarantee deposit for medium-length accommodations is the amount that represents half the monthly payment; in the case of long-term accommodations, the guarantee deposit is the amount that represents one (01) monthly payment. The guarantee deposit covers, if necessary, the correction and compensation in case of sudden cancellation of the accommodation, payment default or damage to the apartment or to any shared area within or around the premises. Otherwise, the guarantee deposit will be returned at check-out.

Payment Methods.

You can choose from any of the payment methods that follow:

  1. Bank Transfer: domestic or international. The transfer may take a few days to be completed and extra charges may apply; these must be paid by the guest. (*)
  2. Cash: this payment is done in the building where you are staying.
  3. International money order/transfer: through Western Union. (*)

(*) If you desire to pay the total amount for your stay at once, you can do it with the following methods of payment (this does not include the guarantee payment, which has to be made in cash at the moment of the check-in):

- Cash

- Money Order/Transfer (Western Union): you will need specific information in order to pay with this method so ask for the steps and we will be glad to provide you with the information. This transaction must be made at least 3 days prior your check-in date.

- Bank Transfer: domestic only. This transaction must be made at least 3 days prior your check-in date.

It is important that you remember that the booking payment is not refundable, unless we are notified 30 days before the check-in date (enough time for us to coordinate another booking with a different passenger). We appreciate your comprehension.

If the changes/cancellations are received more than 30 days before the stay then a 10% penalty of the total payment of the stay is applied.

If the changes/cancellations are received between 16 and 30 days before the stay then a 30% penalty of the total payment of the stay is applied.

If the changes/cancellations are received between 8 and 15 days  before the stay then 50% penalty of the total payment of the stay is applied.

If the changes/cancellations are received between 1 and 7 days  before the stay then 100% penalty of the total payment of the stay is applied .

Number of guests.-
The client must inform us about the total amount of guests, as well as personal information of each one of them. Identification Documents for every single guest must be submitted (adults and children). Only registered guests are authorized to use the apartment. The number of guests occupying the apartment may not exceed the established capacity unless they are one year old or younger. The maximum number of guests is achieved with extra beds. If SuperiorFlats discovers an infringement of the rules established in this contract, we will be in our right to ask the client to abandon the property without any refund.

Unless established the contrary, animals are not allowed. Please ask before booking.

The client is responsible for the correct and decent behavior of every guest that accompanies him/her. It is expected that guests to be considerate and to behave respectfully with neighbors. If the client or any of him or her guests does not behave according to civic regulations and specific rules of the property and its surroundings, SuperiorFlats will have the right to ask the client to leave the property without any right to claim or to refund.

It is not permitted to take in appliances or equipment into the rented apartment without coordination with SuperiorFlats personnel; a penalty may be applied if this occurs.

It is prohibited to smoke in and around the apartment premises, the social areas of the building may be used for this purpose. In case this norm is not followed, there will be a US$150.00 penalty that will be discounted from the guarantee deposit.

Cleaning Service.-
Before check-in, the apartment will be cleaned. The client is obliged to pay US$25.00 for a concept of cleaning and hygiene at check-in (this is already included in your quote).

- Depending on your requirements, periodic cleaning can be scheduled. Ask for our cleaning fees and time schedules.